Sexual Health Addiction


About Us

Kenneth M. Adams and Associates has been providing Michigan with state of the art out-patient treatment for sexually addictive behavior and other intimacy disorders since 1985.

Our treatment emphasizes healing and hope to sex addicts, their partners, and other family members. All of our programs incorporates gender, orientation, and cultural considerations.

We are committed to promoting sexual health and intimacy by expanding awareness and knowledge about sexual addiction and other trauma-induced disorders.

Our staff is specifically trained and certified to treat these problems. We are continually developing new components of our treatment to meet the needs of this population.

A sequential course of treatment is centered around the revolutionary Beginnings Care Program. This program teaches individuals how to increase their comfort and ability to make secure attachments, as well as to reduce compulsive patterns that result from trauma. Spouses and partners are encouraged to participate.

- Dr. Kenneth M. Adams, Ph.D.