Sexual Health Addiction

Sex Addiction Therapy

Since 1985, Kenneth M. Adams and Associates has been Michigan’s premier outpatient treatment program for sexual addiction and other intimacy problems. We provide assessment and evidenced-based treatment in a safe, confidential, and respectful atmosphere.

We offer a variety of programs for sexual health and addiction and are committed to providing state-of-the art services that help our clients lead lives filled with more joy and satisfaction.

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Promoting Sexual Health

Sexuality should be an integral and balanced part of our life experience. However, when sex becomes all consuming, or when we deprive ourselves of healthy sexual expression, our sexuality acts as a barrier filled with shame and self-contempt. It isolates us from attachment with others.

Healthy sexual behavior, on the other hand, creates intimacy and closeness. It is characterized by trust, respect, joy and safety.

Please contact us for an appointment so that we may assist you in your journey toward healing and hope.

Best Treatment for Sexual Addiction